Asus Maximus - X38 Republic of Gamers

August 28, 2007 | 15:18

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I Will Call You... MAXIMUS!

<insert operatic music with a wide angled panning shot from above. Possibly some 300-esq slow motion in between. Everyone loves needless slow motion emphasis>

So Asus has named its next Republic of Gamer motherboard the Maximus. In the same vein as the P35 Blitz board, there will be the Formula DDR2 and Extreme DDR3 varieties to choose from.

No word yet on features, cooling or just about anything other than a name and the availability will be "early September". When we enquired about the possibility of the manual being written in Latin or whether you had to fight to the death in order to be worthy of purchasing one, we got a worrying reply: "Yep, I'm getting my gladiator costume ready as we speak;".

Time to stop playing Bioshock, borrow (find?!) a Chariot and get practising, I think. Or, just hop into our forums.

SPAAARRTAAA.. oh hang on, wrong movie.
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