ASUS jumps the gun on GeForce Go 7300

Written by Tim Smalley

October 24, 2005 | 13:49

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We have just learned that ASUS have jumped the gun on the launch of GeForce Go 7300, which we are expecting to happen later this week, by announcing two new series for the company's A6 line of notebook computers.

The new A6 series notebooks, the A6Vm and A6Km, feature a 15.4" widescreen WXGA TFT, up to 1GB of memory, up to 100GB of hard drive space, wireless 802.11b/g, Bluetooth and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. You can find a full run down of the specs here.

The details about the Go 7300 are minimal at this moment in time, as NVIDIA are yet to announce the product. But we do know that it will use NVIDIA's TurboCache technology, and feature either a 128MB or 256MB frame buffer.

The A6Vm laptop is based on the popular Pentium M & Centrino platform, while the A6Km will use AMD's Turion 64 Mobile Technology. We're not sure what chipset ASUS will be using for the A6Km Turion-based models - could it be a mobile version of NVIDIA's NForce 410/430 platform with integrated GeForce Go 7300 graphics?

We'll find out when NVIDIA launch GeForce Go 7300 later this week.

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