Asetek launches WaterChill Xternal

Written by Tim Smalley

April 19, 2006 | 19:38

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Asetek has announced its all new WaterChill Xternal water cooling system that features a software based control panel.

The company says that "The Xternal offers superb cooling performance assuring rock solid stability and high overclocking potential".

It sits on the top of all standard ATX cases and should be very easy to install. In much the same way as Corsair's Nautilus 500, there is no need to modify your chassis to fit the solution.

The unit connects to the PC via USB to allow for full control of the software applet. You can monitor temperatures, fan speeds, voltages and the pump speed via the control panel.

Along with that, the applet allows users to control the cooling unit from the desktop. It's possible to adjust pump speed and fan speeds, along with creating custom profiles and automatic fan adjustment thresholds.

You can read more on the WaterChill Xternal over on Asetek's home page. We hope to have a look at this product in the near future.

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