Apple cuts cord on Mighty Mouse

Written by Brett Thomas

July 25, 2006 | 18:08

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In what can only be an accidental finding, someone has stumbled upon Apple's latest request with the Federal Communications Commission to alter the Mighty Mouse.

The one-button wonder has been an Apple trademark (love it or hate it) for years, and has rarely undergone any form of substantial redesign. Though the familiar shape will still be present, this newest version of the mouse (codenamed "M6" in the filing) will be lacking one major feature: the cord.

M6 will transmit via bluetooth, which is what prompted the filing in the first place. In order for any wireless device to be sold in the US, its frequencies and schematics must be registered with the FCC. It will be powered by two AA batteries, and the power level can be checked in the system preferences menu.

There is no word on when the new mouse will go on sale, or if/how the batteries will be rechargeable directly in the unit. More official details will probably be released at the next big press event, which is the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fran starting August 7.

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