AMD Prepares "Trevally" RS690T mobile chipset

February 6, 2007 | 17:22

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Word is out that AMD is preparing a new generation of mobile chipsets code named "Treveally" based on the soon to be released RS690 chipset for AMD CPUs.

Specifically the RS690T has integrated graphics based around the X700 core that was initially launched around this time two years ago. This still means it's more powerful than the market dominated Intel GMA950 graphics found in G965 and G945 boards for laptops and mobile solutions.

Additionally you get eight PCI-Express lanes for DVI, VGA or TV, or alternative graphics if the system designer wants something more powerful. There are also PCI-Express lanes for Gigabit Ethernet and an Expresscard slot. A 512 Mbit DDR2 link for Hypermemory support is also included, although if the RS480 IGP is anything to go by, very few manufacturers will actually make use of it, opting to use system memory only.

There's also a PCI-Express x4 linkage to a new SB700 southbridge that offers more SATA (six) and USB (twelve) than before. An IDE port is still included, although we suspect this is because the southbridge is to be used on both desktop and mobile products. Mobile designers will likely just ignore it in preference for the smaller and more energy efficient SATA interface.

Considering Turion 64 X2 laptops are generally cheaper than the Merom based Core 2 alternatives, hopefully this will make AMD based laptops far more attractive. Integrated graphics has been a default choice for many systems integrators, whether mobile or desktop, and Intel has more market share because of their integrated graphics than both AMD and NVIDIA. Whilst X700 performance won't set the world on fire, it will allow Half Life 2 and a few other recent games to run, even if it is on low settings. Try doing that on Intel GMA.

Fingers crossed this will make cheap, light laptops more palatable for those of us who enjoy a splash of gaming on the go.
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