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Written by Wil Harris

June 29, 2005 | 09:01

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The AMD - Intel lawsuit has certainly got the net buzzing, unsurprisingly, since this is one of the biggest stories of the last couple of years.

To save you trawling the net for the best coverage, we thought we'd save you the hassle.

The Inquirer has its original filing, as well as an update on AMD's bid to get subpoenas for PC vendors and an interesting note that the lawsuit utterly fails to mention Microsoft or IBM.

The Register has a neatly-summarised version from the incredibly gorgeous Lucy Sherriff, as well as some hefty analysis of the move by some significantly less gorgeous chap in Chicago, who suggests that regardless of the eventual outcome, having Intel looking over its shoulder for the next couple of years will be a useful distraction.

Information Week suggests that it was a frustration over lack of market gains that led to the lawsuit (well, duh), whilst the Beeb has its trademark 1 sentence = 1 paragraph missive.

The Financial Times notes that AMD's share price is up. Cnet has a fairly chunky piece speculating over whether the move was driven by market forces, or whether AMD is being a very sophisticated manipulator. Cnet also has a great article which chronicles the history of AMD-Intel lawsuits.

eWeek has even created an entire AMD vs Intel section on its page.

Finally, you can read the Open Letter from Hector Ruiz, AMD Chairman at the AMD website, and download the full text of the complaint in PDF.

Right. Now for something to actually happen.

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