AMD Radeon HD 3850 & HD 3870 spotted in the wild

November 13, 2007 | 10:32

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bit-tech forum member, Mr Happy Mankz, snapped a picture of a popular online retailer listing AMD Radeon HD 3870 and Radeon HD 3850 graphics cards from various board partners. The prices might make Nvidia weep, especially when you take into account the fact that you can't buy a GeForce 8800 GT for love nor money at the moment.

No, I don't expect you to read that, click for full size!

Overclockers UK has since removed the listing, although the directory remains.

According to the screenshot, a Radeon HD 3870 XT with 512MB of GDDR4 will cost £158 (inc. VAT), whereas a cheaper 256MB GDDR3-based Radeon HD 3850 Pro is just £123 (inc. VAT) - that's right in range of the GeForce 8600 GTS. All products will come with a copy of Call of Juarez, which you can pick up yourself for £4.99 including delivery, meaning it's not much of a value-add, even if the game is right up your street.

Most Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTs are listed at over £170 (inc. VAT), but they're all on back order - that's because of the old "demand outstripping supply" problem. As soon as stock arrives and there's some competition in the upper-mid range, things should level out a bit. Either way, it might make some early 8800 GT/8600 GTS adopters gag just a bit, unless they're die hard Nvidia fanboys, that is.

We can't tell you how the cards will compare to their competition yet or even tell you when they'll be available to purchase, but I'm sure some enterprising search skills will help you there. You might be able to put one and one together anyway, as the picture shows stock of the HIS cards already. Obviously, we'll be here to give you the complete low-down when the time is right - good things come to those who wait, don't-cha-know?

Whether you love red or green, we're just thankful there might actually be some competition for a change! Let us know your thoughts in the forum.
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