AMD says it's the dual-core daddy

Written by Wil Harris

May 12, 2005 | 11:28

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AMD plans to convert all its single-core chips over to dual-core within the next year, it said at a press conference this morning.

The new chips won't be more expensive, and will work on existing hardware, for the most part - save for those chips which are being migrated to new socket standards.

AMD reckons that it has almost a year over its arch-nemesis, Intel, because its dual-core technology is well ahead of the game. Whilst AMD have put out the X2, a thoroughly decent chip, most reviewers have tended to see the Intel dual-core chip as something of a stopgap until the firm perfects its 'real' dual-core architecture.

Intel also took the bizarre marketing step of introducing their dual-core chip as an Extreme Edition gaming chip, despite the fact that it offers virtually no performance increase in games.

AMD said it suspects that it's going to be the first firm to introduce multi-core chips, too, with work already well underway.

The news also comes as Mercury Research figures suggest that AMD's market share has risen almost 2% year on year, with the numbers suggesting that the Sempron has done well for them.

According to the Inquirer, AMD said that the rules on the OEM version of Windows XP x64 were now so lax, you could probably buy a screw and qualify to purchase it.

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