AMD's new 790GX and SB750 pictured

June 6, 2008 | 11:34

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Again we found five minutes to take apart something - AMD's soon to be launched 790GX super-overclocked IGP that supports dual PCI-Express 2.0 x8 for CrossFire-X, as well as the new SB750 southbridge which adds even more advanced overclocking features.

While the AMD OverDrive (AOD) software still needs work, we were told, the overclocking support is much improved and is now claimed (by vendors, we didn't speak to AMD) to be better than that of Nvidia chipsets.

Both are built on the same 55nm TSMC process that the 780G and SB700 were made with, however the size of the new 790GX IGP, dubbed HD 3300, seems quite a bit bigger than the 780G. We're also seeing many manufacturers integrate some form of local frame buffer for a change too - here is 128MB, 64-bit Elpida GDDR3 memory

When this chipset launches in a few weeks AMD will also launch a new CPU to coincide with it, however we've been unable to twist enough arms to tell us what this will be. We'll let you know more when we do - until then though you can discuss it in the forums.

AMD's new 790GX and SB750 pictured

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