All-In-Wonder X800 XL pictured

Written by Tim Smalley

July 5, 2005 | 22:21

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Earlier today, ATI announced its latest addition to the All-In-Wonder family: the All-In-Wonder X800 XL, which is based around the excellent bang-for-buck Radeon X800 XL.

We reported the specifications and features that will packed in to this video card earlier today. You can find that article here.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to get you pictures of the card before we published that article, but we are now pleased to bring you a product photo of the latest member of the All-In-Wonder family.

As we mentioned in our first article, the cooling solution is a single slot one, and it looks to be very similar to the cooler found on the Radeon X850, Radeon X800 XL 512MB and Radeon X800 XL AGP parts, so it should be a fairly quiet solution.

Also, there is no power connector required on this part, much like the majority of 256MB Radeon X800 XL's out there. However, we wonder whether the likes of Club-3D will come up with their own PCB design which includes a supplementary power connector? I guess we'll find out over the coming weeks or months as and when board partners start to ship this product.

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