Ageia outlines plans for PhysX

Written by Tim Smalley

February 22, 2007 | 15:35

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CEO of Ageia, Manju Hedge, has revealed some of the company's plans for its PhysX physics processing unit in a recent interview published on Chile Hardware.

Hedge outlined that the company has been working with a number of game engines and triple-A titles based on them and he stated that there will be several titles with PPU support coming this year. The two titles that he made specific references to were Cell Factor: Revolution and Warmonger: Operation Downtown Destruction.

The first is probably a familiar name, since we looked at a demo version of the game in our PhysX coverage last year. The latter is an apocalyptic MMO FPS based on Unreal Engine 3 - an engine that is said to make heavy use of Ageia's PhysX technology.

He claims that current games use only a small portion of the PhysX's power, and games like Cell Factor: Revolution and Warmonger: Operation Downtown Destruction will put the PhysX card's power to better use.

Hedge also revealed that PhysX is able to accelerate other calculations in scientific, engineering and financial applications. He added that Ageia is working with partners so that PhysX can be used to accelerate their applications and went on to say that the company is also working on an SDK to make this process easier for its partners. You can read more here.

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