Abit OCs Core 2 Quad to 4.64GHz

June 6, 2007 | 04:51

Tags: #fatal1ty #four #ghz #gt #liquid #motherboard #nitrogen #overclocking #p35 #quad

Companies: #abit

Using a new Abit P35 Quad GT, the guys on the overclocking section of Abit’s stand here at Computex clocked an unspecified Intel Core 2 Quad processor to 4.64GHz using liquid nitrogen.

The sight is always an incredible one, with cold nitrogen gas bubbling everywhere just metres from the crowds and the guys behind the bar clearly enjoying beating the crap out of the latest kit.

While we at bit-tech never reviewed the P965 Quad GT, the board, which was an evolution of the AB9 Pro, was a clear winner with many who have invested in it.

The P35 Quad GT looks very similar in design and if today's experiments are anything to go by, it should provide some excellent results.

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