ABIT launches NForce 4 SLI X16 motherboard

Written by Tim Smalley

October 13, 2005 | 14:02

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Bit-Tech reader Johan Ågehäll writes:

"ABIT has released the AN8 32X, a new SLI motherboard based on the NIVIDIA NForce 4 chipset for the AMD Socket 939 Athlon 64/X2/FX CPUs with 2 PCI-Express x16 slots. The full-bandwidth PCI-E ports should provide enough bandwidth for all current and future PCI-Express based graphic solutions.

The AN8 32X uses another incarnation of ABIT's Silent OTES technology making the motherboard a silent solution for enthusiasts. It uses popular heatpipe technology to cool the northbridge and MOSFETs without an active fan. The heatpipe transfers the heat from the motherboard components to a heatsink located beside the back panel where it can be cooled easier by the air flow inside the computer case.

The motherboard also comes with µGuru 2005 technology for easy overclocking, hardware monitoring and fan speed control from within Windows. It also comes bundled with the Guru Clock accessory, an external LCD display which lets you overclock and monitor the system, present Skype calls or notify you of MSN messages and E-mails."

It appears to be a reasonably well-laid out board, but we're surprised not to see this motherboard marketed under the Fatal1ty moniker. Just how many more frags can you get with two full-bandwidth PCI-Express x16 interconnects?

We're skeptical about the performance improvements right now, because the differences between AGP and PCI-Express were small. However, it will prove to be good marketing material for NVIDIA's SLI technology, because CrossFire only has two x8 PCI-Express lanes for ATI's current dual graphics implementation.

We've attached a larger image of the board below, you can read more about this product on ABIT's home page

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