Dual Core Mobile Pentium Details Come to Light

Written by Jason Cundall

June 3, 2005 | 13:31

Tags: #cache-memory #dual-core #pentium-m

Companies: #intel

An Intel briefing has spilled a few more beans on it's upcoming dual core mobile CPU, or Yonah as it's known to it's friends, which the company is planning on releasing in the next 12 months:

Intel shed a little more light on its forthcoming dual-core mobile chip today in a briefing with reporters, confirming that the Yonah processor's two cores will share a single bank of cache memory

Yonah is the code name for the dual-core version of Intel's Pentium M processor for notebooks and miniature desktops, scheduled for release in the first quarter of next year. Unlike Intel's first dual-core designs for desktop PCs, Yonah is a much more integrated design that shares storage and power management resources within the chip, said Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of Intel's mobile platforms group.

More from PCWorld here, and you can discuss both Yonah and Napa (The code name for the next generation Centrino) over in the news discussion forums.
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