Overclockers UK talks G80 pricing

Written by Brett Thomas

November 1, 2006 | 15:37

Tags: #g80

Companies: #nvidia #overclockers

Well, we're only one week away from the hard-launch of NVIDIA's DX10 flagship, the G80. NVIDIA has done a great job with keeping the leaks to a minimum on this one, so details have been sparse. But now, it's time for retailers to start letting little cats out of the bag, and Overclockers UK has got the tidbits to get your mouth watering. Oh, and your pocketbook crying.

We reported that G80 was going to launch on or around November 8th, but pricing info has been a little absent. Fortunately, Gibbo was kind enough to leave us a couple breadcrumbs to extract from. Though he refused to release any specific pricing, he did give a couple rough ideas.

The 8800 GTS, which is the lesser version, will be priced at roughly the current cost of the 7950 GX2. Taken from OCUK's website, that's about £380 inc VAT. Gibbo implied in his forum posts that the 8800 GTX version will run around £150 more than that, so you should be looking around the £530 mark.

So for those of you looking to jump on the bleeding edge, get your wallets ready to fall on their swords. Are you looking to buy into DX10? Tell us about it in our forums.
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