Mobile future mooted

Written by Wil Harris

September 27, 2006 | 23:26

Tags: #centrino #idf #santa-rosa

Companies: #intel

Intel opened its mobility keynote by posing the question: "Why are we here?" Whilst that is perhaps a question beyond the scope of a technology forum, we did at least find out some of Intel's plans for the new generation of Centrino devices.

Mobility is all about the personal touch, we are told - being able to communicate whilst travelling, being able to experience things wherever you are.

To that end, Intel is stepping up efforts to improve the connectivity of its notebooks, with a deal with Nokia seeing Intel bundle internal 3G cards with laptops. The new Santa Rosa platform, designed to be the next generation of Centrino, will include 'draft' 802.11n networking hardware. The 'n' specification still hasn't been ratified, and Intel is taking a risk that it will not change from where its at currently.

The new 965GM chipset will include the GMA X3000 video adaptor. This will deliver Vista Aero graphics, as well as PureVideo-esque technology, dubbed Clear Video, designed for cleaner video playback.

Robson flash technology will be optional but recommended, and will solve what Intel called the "neglected" I/O problem.

By the end of this year, 90% of Intel's laptop processors shipping will be dual core, a generation ramp faster than has ever been seen previously, we were told.

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