MSI shows off universal video card

Written by Tim Smalley

June 1, 2005 | 10:54

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MSI have a few interesting video cards on show today, one being a card that they label as 'Suitable for all systems'.

The card has both AGP and PCI-Express slots - something that we have talked about in the past. We felt that it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a video card that supported all systems, and MSI have finally delivered something that will appeal to consumers who are worried about being able to afford an upgrade to PCI-Express all in one go.

This video card allows you to buy a PCI-Express motherboard later on, as it will work in any motherboard with an AGP 8x slot, while also being able to be used in a PCI-Express based motherboard.

We don't have a lot more information about the card, but we imagine that it makes use of ATI's RIALTO bridge chip to bridge the R430 GPU back to the AGP interface, while the GPU is native PCI-Express, so the x16 interconnect does not need a bridge chip in order to make it work in a PCI-Express motherboard.

The card features two DVI outputs that are on a separate card - it is slightly clumsy because the cables are slightly longer than one would want. However, we understand that it is possible for those cables to be shrunk down a little to make the card a little less cumbersome.

Interesting piece of technology, and it'll be interesting if it is released as more than just a technology show case.


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