LED gaming on tables

Written by Ryan Garside

November 24, 2006 | 13:24

Tags: #led #table

Moritz Waldemeyer, a concept furniture artist, has unveiled his latest creations at the Rabin Hage gallery in London. They included a table capable of playing Pong and an interactive table based Roulette game.

The Pong game uses a combination of LEDs and touch pads to make the game playable. It's an Apple-esque white colour with futuristic looking legs. We haven't played it yet but it certainly looks good fun.

The second table features a roulette board with working wheel which simulates the rolling ball motion common to all casino addicts. This type of technology could be the first step on the ladder of ultimately putting croupiers out of work. All they need now is a table that can automatically pick up all the winnings and humans will become redundant.

The technology is particularly exciting in what it could mean for the future of all computing, not only gaming. Should this take off we'll soon be able to access the internet from our breakfast table whilst eating our cornflakes. Or perhaps whilst sitting on the train we'll be able to watch a movie on one of the flip-down tables. It most certainly won't be for a while yet but the future's still exciting nonetheless.

Like the look of the table, check it out in more detail at Waldemeyer's blog and then let us know how you'd get the most out of the technology in the forums.
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