Intel looking for more graphics designers

Written by Brett Thomas

August 22, 2006 | 20:58

Tags: #job

Companies: #intel

We have been hypothesising about Intel's graphics moves for a while now since the AMD/ATI buyout. There have been many rumours, including that Intel is looking for real graphics designers for high-level GPU discrete chip design. Well, we can now put these rumours to rest with a little trip to

Intel are offering interviews for positions ranging from a Senior Software Graphic Developer, Graphics System Architect, Graphic Tech Market Director, and others. Though far from a cut-and-dry, definite plan, it certainly looks like the company is beefing up its graphics core, and looking for some hefty people to do it with.

This is not long after Intel acquired the cast-offs from Creative Labs' 3d Labs, a group of very talented engineers who designed the bulk of the OpenGL 2.0 specs. It looks like we might actually have a new contender in high-level graphics...

Got a thought on Intel's shifts? Going to go get yourself a job working for Big Blue? Let us know in the forums.
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