Gigabyte and Asus launch Gigabyte United

Written by Wil Harris

December 8, 2006 | 08:56

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Gigabyte has today announced the creation of a spin-off business, newly named as Gigabyte United.

The new United brand will be attached to all of Gigabyte's mainboards and graphics cards, whilst OEM and contract manufacturing business will remain the sole domain of the parent company.

The new United brand is a joint venture with Asus - Gigabyte brings the name, and Asus brings some venture capital (almost $250m, actually). Asus also brings a lot of buying power and manufacturing expertise, which Gigabyte says will allow it to make enthusiast components that are better quality, for a cheaper price.

The new deal with Asus also prevents any acquisition of Gigabyte by Foxconn, which had been previously sniffing around for a simple way to increase its brand presence, and saw Gigabyte as one avenue for that.

Gigabyte told the assembled press in Taipei:

“The motherboard industry is a matured one, with slow growth and fierce competition. The Gigabyte/Asustek alliance will increase the competitiveness of both parties, and benefit the overall developments of the motherboard industry."

"In addition, by consolidating both companies’ resources, we will establish the world’s best motherboard and graphics card development platform to provide high-quality products and services.”

What can we look forward to from the newly created company? Well, if Asus' recent development ideas have been anything to go by (see the Striker Extreme), perhaps Gigabyte could start to create some very high-end, good-looking, tweakable motherboards that really satisfy the cravings of enthusiasts? Could they step up their VGA game to compete with the likes of BFG, XFX and EVGA on overclocked cards? We can but wait and see...

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