Factory fumble blamed for MacBook complaints

Written by Glen Chivers

June 7, 2006 | 15:23

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After Apple's recent fiasco with the MacBook running a little too warm on consumer's laps, it released a firmware update to fix some fan control issues. But it seems like this wasn't quite enough!

So Apple has released a little document explaining another possible scenario and solution for your overheating MacBook, and this time it's all down to a little piece of leftover material from the factory, according to Apple:

"Some MacBooks may have left the factory with a thin piece of clear plastic covering the rear vent. This is used in the factory to prevent dust from getting into your computer. If your MacBook has the plastic still over the vent, simply remove and discard it."

We understand that Apple wants to prevent dust from entering the MacBook during transit, but with an expensive piece of machinery like this you would have expected them to take the courtesy to actually remove the piece of plastic? At least they've noticed this little problem and protected the fertility of Mac guys around the planet.

However if your heat problem persists Apple have told the press that that "Increased operating temperatures in portable computing products are common throughout the industry." For prolonged use, Apple says that the laptop should be placed on a flat surface. Well it's hardly a laptop, then, is it?

What do you make of the ever-increasing heat of laptops? Is Apple unfortunately ahead of the curve in this particular trend? Let us know your thoughts over in the forums.
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