Dell launches XPS 700

Written by Wil Harris

May 26, 2006 | 09:36

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Dell is now shipping its XPS 700 machine in the UK - the gorgeous concept PC that we revealed at E3.

We went down to London yesterday to meet with Dell and check out the 700 and boy, is it a beauty.

The externals of the case look every bit as good in the flesh as they do in photos. The casing is made out of thick 2.5mm aluminium, which is tough - and looks spectacular. Dell has LED lights on the front of the machine which give the front, slotted panel a gorgeous glow. But not only that, there are also lights above the ATX backplate ports on the back, so that you can see what you're doing when you're fiddling around under the desk.

The inside is where this system really shines, however. Dell has used standard components, meaning you can upgrade the power supply, motherboard, cooler, whatever you want. The motherboard has room for two dual-slot graphics cards (it can be configured with 7900 GTX SLI) as well as two PCI slot cards (such as X-Fi and PhysX). You're good to go for up to 2GB of RAM (on two sticks for dual-channel) and up to 2TB of storage (four 500GB drives). The standard power supply is 750W, although you can spec this up to 1KW if you want to. It ships with your choice of Intel processor - and also supports Conroe, so you can just drop one of those bad boys in whenever you feel like it.

For all of you who really love this chassis and the look of the thing, but don't necessarily want to buy an entire new system, Dell has some good news for you coming - but we can't talk about that yet.

From what we've seen, this looks like it could end up being the best pre-built system in the world - and we seriously mean that. Check out the XPS 700 configurator and stay tuned to bit-tech over the coming weeks, where we'll be bringing you an in-depth review of the system.

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