DFI makes ATI RD600 board

Written by Brett Thomas

December 11, 2006 | 19:50

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The future of ATI as a chipset maker has been in doubt for quite some time. For starters, the previous renditions (especially the RS480) were incredibly flaky. Even if basic design wasn't such a problem, the business climate itself fought against ATI. First, NVIDIA snapped up the southbridge manufacturer ULi, leaving it in a rather fragile position . Then, right when it looked like the company had recovered well by partnering with Intel for the Conroe launches, ATI itself became a takeover target when AMD bought it.

Right before being swallowed by AMD, the union of ATI and Intel spawned one child - the RD600. The chipset was to offer a host of new features never really seen before, but many expected boards would never get to market. However, DFI has managed to do just that - introducing the LANParty UT ICFX3200-T2R/G.

Though little has been known up til now about the features, DFI has been pretty adamant that it would be amazing. Surprisingly, preliminary looks by XtremeSystems don't disappoint. According to them, the board is stable at a 100% overclock. The big thing, though, is the new RAM system - note the words "asynch" in the CPU-Z pictures. That's right, your RAM is no longer locked to your FSB. At all.

This feature was promised to us with NVIDIA's most recent 680 chipset, though it hasn't entirely delivered as planned on that front (the 680 only runs semi-asynchronously). Of course, we can't be too sure of this board, either, at least until Tim and Rich get their hands on it. That may be a little while, since only 100 boards are expected to be finished before Christmas.

Of course, we'll let you know as soon as it happens. If you want something to look at before then, DailyTech has a great picture of the board with the RD600 heatsink removed. That is one big chip.

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