Club 3D ships X1900 with AC water block

Written by Wil Harris

May 19, 2006 | 18:23

Tags: #aqua #club3d #computer #x1900

Companies: #ati

Club 3D has long been known to make awesome enthusiast graphics cards, and Aqua-Computer has equally been known to make rather decent watercooling kit, so a pairing of the two is rather fortuitous.

Club 3D will be selling a custom block on its X1900 range of cards. Not only does it cool the GPU and memory, it also takes care of the voltage regulators too, for extra overclocking shenanigans!

The card comes with 8/10mm fittings to fit 10mm tubing, but you can get any additional fittings you want directly from Aqua-Computer.

No word on pricing yet, although we wouldn't expect these to be cheap. Who said the best things in life were free, huh? Obviously, whoever he was, he knew very little about PC watercooling.

Expect imminent availability in all the usual places. Look good to you? Let us know your thoughts over in the forums.

UPDATE: Club3D contacted us to let us know that they're not selling the coolers pre-installed on their cards, but as an add-on extra complete with instructions. Fitting it yourself, the company assures us, will be a doddle!
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