Asus auctions for charity

Written by Brett Thomas

March 31, 2007 | 11:43

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The AIDS in Africa plight has really kicked up a lot of press in recent years, particularly with heavy hitters like Bono from U2 lending their celebrity to the cause. The endeavor even has an official colour to it, which has sparked the popular Product(RED) campaign of items. That campaing got some extra press in the tech sector when Apple picked it up for the iPod, but the rest of the industry has been largely quiet about it. Until now.

Asus, maker of some of the motherboards and laptops that we all have grown to love, has entered the cause. However, it didn't enter with a suite of products to which some small pittance goes to a charity - no, it actually went and did something unique. The company will be auctioning off one of its smart looking S6 notebooks on Ebay starting tomorrow, and donating the entire proceeds to Comic Relief.

Of course, it's not special if it's just an S6 - so Asus designed one unique red leather laptop specifically for the auction. It's not a limited issue, it's not an advance model of new colours - it will be entirely unique. The auction will be for the laptop and a few red accessories, and once it's gone, it's gone.

You'll be able to find the auction here.

Have you got a thought on the auction? How about Asus' attempt to really do something special rather than just sending a cheque? Will you be bidding? Tell us in our forums.
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