AGEIA accepted to 3DMark board

Written by Brett Thomas

September 27, 2006 | 20:57

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For everyone who has been pretty sure the AGEIA PhysX PPU was pretty much dead in the water, I have some news for might wish to sit down for it. It appears that AGEIA has been accepted to be part of the 3DMark Benchmark Development Platform (BDP), run by Futuremark.

Yes, that's right - in a press release set forth on the journalistic population earlier today, AGEIA was welcomed as one of the new BDP members of Futuremark. This means that the company will have an integral role in determining future benchmarking suites and scoring.

Formerly, graphical rendering was by far the most important weight in 3DMark's scoring system, but AGEIA will undoubtedly bring physics calculations into heavier weighting in upcoming releases. Of course, having a PhysX PPU will then likely translate into some better scores.

A quote from Oliver Baltuch, Futuremark's VP of Sales and Marketing in North America (taken from the release):

"Futuremark is pleased to welcome AGEIA to the 3DMark BDP. AGEIA brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in hardware acceleration of real-time physics to the BDP, and their advances in the marketplace offer great promise to the PC gaming environment. AGEIA is fully committed to the development of fair and objective benchmarks and understands that as a result; consumers will get better performing hardware and software, and a more exciting gaming experience."

Though we at Bit-tech don't use 3DMark for our own benchmarking suite, there are many sites and individuals who do. To say 3DMark is the de facto standard in synthetic benches is a bit of an understatement - and proof that the folks over at AGEIA know exactly who to look for to get noticed. Not only will the company draw attention for its effects on the benchmarks themselves, but the BDP should allow the company to be taken more seriously in the eyes of other hardware and software vendors.

Have you got a thought on the addition to Futuremark's BDP? Do you think it will amount to little in the end? Let us know your thoughts in our forums.
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