5th Jan for Dell Cinema display

Written by Geoff Richards

December 22, 2005 | 07:56

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According to Engadget, Dell's answer to Apple's coveted 30-inch Cinema HD display will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas on 5th January.

The 3007WFP moniker may lack Apple's elegance but rumour has it that the monster Dell will feature superior specification and a lower price.

Both LCD panels have the same 2560 x 1600 resolution but the Dell may trounce Cupertino by increasing contrast from 400:1 to 700:1, trimming 5ms from Apple's 16ms Response Time (down to 11ms) and boosting brightness from a gloomy 270cd/m2 to 400cd/m2.

Pricing is also likely to be an area where the 3007WFP will stand out. Apple's raison d’être is seemingly to build super-desirable, well-designed products and then charge accordingly. To date, there has been little competition at this end of the market, and a 30-inch Cinema HD display will set you back US$2499 or an eye-watering £1799 if you happen to live in Rip-Off Britain.

Dell is remaining tight-lipped about the launch price of the 3007WFP but enthusiastic power-users with itchy credit cards are hoping it will sneak in under US$2000. Considering Dell's history of discounting their popular widescreen desktop LCDs, as well as the expected 'boring' design compared with the Apple, we think this prediction is right on the money, if you excuse the pun.

UK pricing is a little harder to predict. While many people would sell their grandmothers to buy one should it mirror the US pricepoint and debut at £1199, the 26% transatlantic premium commanded by Apple suggests otherwise. Regrettably, £1499 seems more likely for Blighty.

We will bring you the official announcement live from CES in two weeks.

Editor Wil Harris was not available to confirm reports he is taking a second, empty suitcase with him to the show in the hopes of sneaking one of these past Customs on the way back.

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