SteelSeries launches Scope gaming glasses

October 21, 2010 | 17:48

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Professional gamers often have outlandish accessories that they claim brings their talent to the next level, but peripherals specialist SteelSeries has announced the next logical step: gaming glasses.

The SteelSeries Scope is a pair of glasses specially designed in conjunction with Gunnar Optiks to provide gamers with lightweight glasses specifically tuned to their needs.

Designed primarily for gamers who, somewhat ironically, don't need glasses - although prescription versions are available from Gunnar Optiks directly - the SteelSeries Scope includes i-Amp lenses, which are tuned to a +0.20 dioptre to provide the maximum of clarity at average screen viewing distances.

Oddly, SteelSeries claims that the lenses are clever enough to 'enhance the properties of the human eye and its interaction with digital devices,' which is something of a bold claim to make.

As well as the special lenses, manufactured from a material called diAMIX, SteelSeries has opted to give the glasses a somewhat retro amber tint, for much the same reason as sports glasses feature tinting: improved image contrast at the expense of some colour detail. The company also claims that the tinting lessens eye-strain and 'reduces the negative effects of dry eye.'

The frames are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear for long sessions, with an ergonomic design that rests above rather than on the ears, making them suitable for use with gaming headsets and closed-cup headphones.

The big question, of course, is whether the glasses will make a difference. While specialist eyewear is certainly prevalent in other hand-eye coordination-heavy sports, such as shooting and archery, the benefits become questionable when you're looking at an artificial image source in indoor lighting.

Despite this, SteelSeries is forging ahead with a US launch of the Scope, which will set buyers back just shy of $100 (around £63).

Do you think that gaming glasses could give you the edge you need, or is SteelSeries on a hiding to nothing with the Scope? Share your thoughts over in the forum.
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