Spanish judge says 'Si' to music file-sharing

Written by Wil Harris

November 3, 2006 | 17:09

Tags: #file-sharing #music #piracy #spain #spanish

A Spanish judge has sent shockwaves through Spain's legal community by ruling that downloading music for personal use is totally, 100% legal.

The judge in Santander said that since the objective was to gain music for private pleasure rather than to generate wealth, the man could not be accused of stealing music.

Immediately after the ruling, Spanish ministers confirmed that they would be introducing a piece of legislation to outlaw the downloading of music not 'owned'.

However, in the mean time, you are perfectly within your rights to take a quick weekend trip and stock up, legally, on some digital music - all whilst sipping Sangria and eating omlettes, obviously.

As The Register points out, laws on copyright infringement vary wildly across Europe, and the regime appears to be one that European ministers will be looking at - especially if the big pressure groups get their ways.

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