Sony sued for Blu-ray patent

Written by Brett Thomas

May 25, 2007 | 17:23

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It looks like Sony is in the courtrooms again, this time as a defendant. The media monolith is being sued by a small California based company for patent infringements on its Blu-ray discs.

Target Technology, which designs the thin metallic reflective layers in optical media, is claiming that Sony has stolen one of its designs. As far back as April of 2004, the company had a patent application on a corrosion-protecting layer that has found its way into Blu-ray discs. The patent was granted all the way back in March of 2006.

The patent in question deals with the reflective layer of a Blu-ray disc. Target Technology had discovered a way to use particular silver alloys instead of gold, which bring down the cost of production dramatically. Apparently not as dramatically as not paying the license fees on said technology, though.

Of course, Target is seeking an immediate injunction against Sony until this can be resolved, which would require pulling all Blu-ray titles off the shelves. On top of that, it's seeking damages and interest of an undisclosed sum. The company would then like the damages multiplied - according to Target, Sony knew of the patent and willfully, intentionally disregarded it.

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