Get Green Day ringtones from Skype

Written by Wil Harris

January 31, 2006 | 09:31

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Companies: #ebay

Want to be an American Idiot? Well, now you can, with official music ringtones being offered for download by Skype.

The VoIP company has struck a deal with Warner Music which will allow it to offer downloads for $1.50 a pop. Included in the deal are top Warner artists such as Madonna, Green Day and Mike Jones.

Warner appear to be hoping that cashing in on ringtone sales well help boost their profits, as they suffer from a downturn in CD sales. Ebay, the parent company to Skype, is hoping to leverage its massive user base (74m VoIP users and counting) to create a decent market for this kind of entertainment.

One question has to be answered. With the vast majority of phones sold these days able to play MP3, or at least MIDI, why on earth is anyone paying for ringtones when they can just go and grab anything they want off the net for free?

However, we do suppose that one upside must be that perhaps now people will actually put decent music on their phones, rather than that bloody frog.

What ringtone is on your phone? Variations at bit-tech towers include a sample of the 24 CTU tone, E1M1 from Doom and an old Zelda tune. Let us know over in the forums.
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