Sky rolls out HD on May 22

Written by Wil Harris

May 5, 2006 | 10:43

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UK TV viewers, rejoice! Sky has confirmed that May 22 is the date for the rollout of its High Definition service, and there are a few good things to watch, too.

Amongst the launch programming will be Revenge of the Sith, the last in the Star Wars saga. Season 5 of 24 will also be broadcast, giving us a glorious 1080i version of the Jack-Bauer-Power-Hour. Less enthralling is England's Second Test in Sri Lanka and Star Trek: Enterprise.

Of course, the big push comes as the BBC cues up to provide footage of the World Cup in HD over Sky during the summer months.

However, in a slightly strange move, Sky confirmed that all its material will be broadcast in 1080i resolution. Almost no 1080i compatible sets are being sold in Britain at the moment, with 720p by far the dominant resolution. Given that many shows are also distributed in 720 rather than 1080, it opens up the possibility that Sky will be upscaling the picture to suit, leading to a lesser picture quality. Obviously, 720 televisions will downscale the signal, but it all seems a little odd.

Sky HD costs £10 a month on top of your normal Sky subscription. Will you be one of the 40,000 that will get the box on day one? Let us know over in the forums.
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