Shuttle babes TT Editor's Choice

Written by Geoff Richards

June 8, 2005 | 19:10

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We get a lot of Press Releases via email here at bit-tech, containing marketing spin for all manner of gadgets and gizmos. Imagine my surprise when the latest copy of Shuttle News drops into my inbox with the headline:

"Shuttle Girls Win Tweaktown Editor's Choice Award"

The leading SFF manufacturer was hardly short of new products this year, including the show-stopping SN26P SLI box, and it seems that success has gone to their heads, leading them to claim their Booth Babes as being the best.

The news reads:

When the guys at TweakTown took time out to from their hardware reviews to look at some of the ‘Booth Babes’ at Computex 2005, it came as no surprise to see the girls from Shuttle top the list.

Competition was tough with over 50 ‘Babes’ in the review line-up, but Shuttle was voted the clear winner, "Shuttle had the nicest looking girl(s) by a long way," said judge Cameron Wilmot.

Reports of Wilmot remaining in Taipei an additional 3 days beyond the close of Computex to conduct further one-on-one 'interviews' with this year's Booth Babes proved unfounded, as the layover was down to a misplaced travel visa for Abit's ACON5 event in Xi'an, China.

Of course, we would never objectify women in this degrading manner... at least not without having their motivation for the photo translated into Chinese so might better understand the snapper's intentions. It will certainly be one of my more endearing memories of Computex 2005, listening to Geoff from Shuttle using his Mandarin skills to the max to explain to this hapless young lady of this crazy western hack's desire to use her navel as a reflective backdrop (see below).

Feel free to judge for yourself from Tweaktown's galleries, but one of our personal favourites were the VIA babes (right) - shame they didn't come with the sponsorship package! At least in Taiwan, the silicon(e) stays where it belongs: inside PCs! (Forget comedy as a career - stick to benchmarking - Ed)
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