Scientists improve blue OLEDs

November 25, 2008 | 13:09

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Scientists at the South Korean Pusan National University and Seoul National University have made a breakthrough that could lead to big-screen, energy efficient OLED displays.

The organic light-emitting diode technology, which has seen use in several small-scale applications, offers improved energy efficiency and a greater field of vision over standard liquid crystal display systems, but its developers have had trouble recreating the blue layer needed to generate high-quality RGB displays. According to Gizmodo, that's no longer a problem.

Professor Jin Sung Ho, the lead on the project to improve OLED technology, believes that his team's breakthrough in creating a high-quality blue layer to add to existing red and green layers will lead to large-scale “energy efficient” displays that could easily replace existing LCDs in current TV and monitor manufacturing. If the technology pans out, it could finally offer big-screen enthusiasts an option for blacker blacks and an end to 'smearing' that cheaper LCDs can suffer from.

That said, the report is lacking in substance at the moment: there's no talk of viable prototype yet, much less commercialisation. It's likely that the new technology could take several years to bring to market – so don't hold your breath for a top-notch 50” OLED TV for your big-screen gaming just yet.

South Korea certainly has an interest in developing OLED further, however: as the current largest producer of LCDs in the world, a breakthrough in efficiency and quality of the technology many are seeing as its logical successor would stand them in good stead for keeping the display manufacturing crown.

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