RIAA does it again, sues family with no computer

Written by Brett Thomas

April 25, 2006 | 16:31

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Just when you thought the idiots who headed the RIAA were being a little too quiet, they come out with a thunderous roar of stupidity.

Aiming for a new low, the RIAA has now sued a family in Rockmart, Georgia for internet and file-sharing piracy. The catch? The family owns NO computer, and has no internet access.

No, we're not kidding. The family did own a computer for a period of about two months well over a year ago, but the RIAA has mentioned 'continued' abuse of copyright law... and I quote:

Plaintiffs are informed and believe that Defendant, without the permission or consent of Plaintiffs, has used, and continues to use, an online media distribution system to download the copyrighted recordings, to distribute the copyrighted recordings to the public, and/or to make the copyrighted recordings available for distribution to others.

Wow. No news on whether the RIAA has actually realised its mistake yet.

In other news, Cnet has dug up a new little piece of proposed legislation whereby even knowing how to copy music, or possessing the tools to rip an MP3 from CD would be considered illegal.

Again, I will be best served by letting you guys do the commenting in our forums. Otherwise, the stream of expletives and derogatory comments of the questionable parentage of these RIAA execs might get a little hairy...
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