Prince picks fight with the Internet

Written by Phil Cogar

September 14, 2007 | 10:48

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Probably best known for doing the entire soundtrack to Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie and his songs "1999" and "Purple Rain," the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince (say that one five times fast!) has decided to begin a crusade to rid the internet of piracy.

Donning a cape and a hood, Prince will fight the evil allies of piracy such as The Pirate Bay, YouTube, and eBay. These villains have corrupted the Internet and the music industry as we know it and only the man in purple himself can put a stop to it. The plan is to "reclaim the Internet" from the pirates.

Okay, okay, I got that out of my system so I'll be serious from here on out.

Prince is pretty peeved at the Internet right now though. Over the course of the past two weeks his legal representatives have requested the removal of more than 2,000 videos that have been uploaded to YouTube. By my closest estimations, that's a single copy of every music video he has ever made.

John Giacobbi, managing director of Web Sheriff, has said "99 percent of the stuff online is totally unauthorised. Someone has to start somewhere and we know this will make a serious impact - a hell of a lot of artists are going to follow suit. We have to build a 21st century model for the entertainment industry."

Prince isn't the only one suing YouTube though. Several parties have previously filed suits against the popular video website.

Do you dare laugh at the Prince or will you follow his majestical lead? Discuss his moves (no, no, not his dance moves) over in the forums or in the comment section below.
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