The Pirate Bay gets $6000 cash injection

Written by Wil Harris

March 13, 2006 | 13:24

Tags: #filesharing #sweden #torrent #tpb

Companies: #the-pirate-bay

In what has to be one of the oddest mainstream political donations of recent times, a contestant on a Swedish game show has given 50,000 SEK (that's around $6,200) to The Pirate Bay, the popular Torrent site.

The contestant won the money on a Swedish game show where the idea of the game is to pretend to be a politician, and convince others of your views. A chap called Petter Nilsson argued in favour of filesharing, and was so convincing that the prize money was his.

Pirate Bay says that it will be using the cash to buy some new server hardware: namely a new database server with two dual-core Opterons and 4GB of RAM and a new search server with an Opteron and 4GB of RAM. TPB currently handles between 1000-2000 requests a second to its pages.

In Sweden, there is a massive mainstream movement to promote filesharing, with even a political party being formed to clamp down on what it sees as the people's right to promote culture and not be sued by big Hollywood conglomerates.

Happy that TPB is going to get a bit faster? Or would you never admit to such a thing in public? Let us know what you make of the whole scene over in the forums.
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