Web-based comics are becoming big business, or so it seems following the run-away success overnight of the sale of a limited edition print on ThinkGeek. Following their appearance at the recent Comic Con in San Diego, Penny Arcade funsters Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins aka Gabe and Tycho, released 500 Limited Edition prints for sale, having sold the first third of the 750 print run at the convention.

Surprising everyone, they sold all five hundred in under half an hour, causing the Think Geek servers some constipation as the orders flooded in, peaking at the rate of thirty per second. Quite some achievement for an US$80 print that wasn't online until 9pm; we're sure Think Geek wish they could sell the equivalent of US$80,000 an hour every day!

If you are a fan of Penny Arcade, there is still lots of great merchandise available, with more planned for the near future. There are several new T-Shirt designs for a very reasonable £10 quid (US$17.99), though you might want to club together with some mates to split the shipping.

For those who want to jazz up their cubicle / bedrrom but missed out on the CTS laser cell, the boys have produced two new new posters, one pictured below (left), and an unlimited edition laser cell (right); the "bling" graphic was used as cover art for the Spring / Summer edition of Jive magazine.

If you want to know what all the fuss is about, visit www.penny-arcade.com and check out the new comics, updated three times a week; they also have a great collection of desktop wallpapers for you to download. If you're new to the series, be sure to check out the archives for a good laugh. You can also read a great interview with the lads on the Jive website, discussing the history of PA as well as the sterling charity work they do with with Child's Play.

We want to know what your favourite web comic is. Our esteemed Editor is partial to a bit of Little Gamers, even to the point where they're creeping into his reviews. Share your daily giggles with everyone in News Discussion.
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