Patch released for MacBook Air

August 25, 2008 | 11:00

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If you're lucky enough to own the thin sliver of sexiness that is the MacBook Air – and I say that without even the slightest hint of jealousy – then you might want to update the software.

According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, the real Apple has recently released a patch – described as the “MacBook Air Update”, no less – designed to address “issues with video playback and processor core idling.”

Accessible via the Software Update functionality built into MacOS X, or from Apple's website, it sounds like a must-have update with just one caveat: addressing, as it does, the fact that the CPU cores don't reduce their power usage as much as they should while idle.

This leads to decreased battery life and increased heat output, but if you're running any third-party fixes such as CoolBook you should uninstall them before running the update. That's uninstall, not just disable – apparently Uncle Steve doesn't like third parties fixing issues his own software team really should have caught before now.

Regardless, owners will be happy to hear that Apple is listening to their feedback regarding how toasty the Air gets when in use for lengthy periods – and once the patch is installed as standard on new stock, we should start hearing fewer complaints of scalded laps.

Any Air users experiencing issues that this patch could fix, or has it all been plain sailing once you got hold of a manilla envelope to carry it around in? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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