OCZ opens new SSD plant

October 27, 2010 | 10:17

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OCZ Technology has confirmed its commitment to solid-state storage devices with the opening of a new SSD manufacturing facility in Taiwan, which will almost triple the company's production capacity.

The new plant, opened in Taipei today, will specialise in producing the company's various solid-state storage devices, and adds over 20,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space to the company's stable.

Ryan Petersen, chief executive at OCZ Technology, claims that the decision to open the new plant came 'in response to increased demand from OEMs for our enterprise solid state drive products, and significantly increases our monthly SSD [manufacturing] capacity.'

With production of solid-state storage devices for both consumer and enterprise markets expected to increase from the current level of 50,000 units per month to an estimated 140,000 units per month when the new plant is fully up to speed, OCZ could well steal a significant march over its rivals with the supply to meet growing demand.

The new increase in production capacity comes as OCZ reports to investors and analysts a three-fold increase in monthly unit sales between the start of the year and August, demonstrating the kind of demand for solid-state storage devices that Seagate chief executive Steve Luczo is apparently willing to ignore.

With vastly improved production capabilities and clearly increasing demand, OCZ should hopefully be able to start reducing the price of its SSD product lines to a point where they can begin to compete with traditional hard drives at the mainstream level.

Do you think that OCZ has the right idea, or is the company betting on the wrong technology as Seagate seems to think? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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