NTL will use BitTorrent

Written by Wil Harris

February 13, 2006 | 14:06

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UK cable giant NTL has announced that it is going to be trialling a new service which will allow users to download films using the BitTorrent protocol.

Users will be able to purchase commercially available films, possibly using their TV remote. Don't get too excited though: initially, the service trial is going to be limited to less than 100 homes. There's no word on if, or when, the service might roll out nationally.

We'd suggest that 100 users is barely enough for a decent seed of a TV episode!

BitTorrent Inc, set up last year, is trying to legitimise itself by getting content companies and ISPs to invest in its technology. The P2P service is estimated to take up a third of all internet traffic.

Would you buy movies over your TV? Lots of content providers and tech companies are hoping so. NTL is obviously hoping that by using P2P, it can minimise the cost of the infrastructure needed to roll out a downloadable movie service. But will it give a consistent downloading experience?

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