News Competition winner announced

Written by Wil Harris

November 15, 2005 | 15:47

Tags: #7800 #competition #gtx

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Last month, we announced a competition where you could win a 7800 GTX card from the lovely people at XFX.

All you had to do was submit some news stories to bit-tech and see if they got published on the site. The reader submitting the 'best stories', in our esteemed opinion, could win the GTX.

Well, with the competition over, the time has come for announcing the winner. And he is...



The oddly-named individual submitted a host of top-quality stories to bit-tech over the course of the month. Wonka was all over Microsoft going after Google, Torrent worries, FolderShare being bought, Google's outrageous cash and the Blue Gene supercomputer.

Top stuff, and Mr Wonka wins the GTX.

The runners up, who all win goody bags, are (in no particular order):

Brett Dunsmore, Victor, Chris Adams, Chris Slaughter, Phil Brown,Johan Ågehäll, McLean007

The winners need to email with their shipping details so we can get the prizes out!

However, just because the competition is over, that doesn't mean you should stop submitting your cool news stories to bit-tech. We're going to be giving away on the spot prizes over the next couple of months for great stories, so you guys still have a chance to win and see your name on the site.

Found a story? Head over to the News Submission page and let us know about it!
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