New FireFox vulnerabilities

Written by Wil Harris

May 10, 2005 | 11:01

Tags: #firefox #security

Companies: #mozilla

FireFox users, watch out - two new critical vulnerabilities this morning mean that a browser patch should be top of you ToDo list this morning.

The vulnerabilities revolve around flaws in the implementation of JavaScript URLs and code verification. When these two flaws are combined, it means that HTML and script code can be executed to install code on a users system, potentially taking control of the system.

Mozilla posted a patch this morning to stop the vulnerability. You can find that patch, along with a list of other security announcements, at the Mozilla Security Center.

The spate of recent FireFox security alerts marks the increasing popularity of the browser, as hackers start to divert their attention from Microsoft's Internet Explorer - it seems that FireFox attracts more headlines at the moment, with IE vulnerabilities just being everyday bootnotes.
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