Mozilla's Paul Rouget fires a broadside at IE9

Written by Antony Leather

February 17, 2011 | 16:04

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It's usually journalists and members of the public that take their virtual beating sticks to Internet Explorer, but Paul Rouget, European Evangelist for Mozilla - the group behind the Firefox web browser - has now laid into Internet Explorer 9 too.

On his blog, Rouget claims IE9 is not a modern browser, and goes on to list his concerns about HTML5, while also noting that the browser still doesn't support many basic features. Interestingly, Rouget also takes a shot at the tests Microsoft used to make its recent - apparently glowing - compatibility claims.

The tests Microsoft used, according to Rouget, were developed by Microsoft itself while developing the new browser. 'It's not that surprising that they pass the very tests they used to design and develop the browser - we score pretty well against our own unit-tests as well,' says Rouget.

He also lists several test results from third-party sites and, which show IE9 not just lagging behind Firefox 4, but also being trounced by Firefox 3.6 - Mozilla's two-year-old version of its browser - in both tests.

In addition, he states that features such as Application Cache (offline), HTML5 Forms (validation mechanism, CSS3 selectors) and Drag and Drop from Desktop are also not supported by IE9. Conversely, he says that Text overflow is IE9's only feature that's not supported by Firefox.

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