WALL-E GameCube Mod

February 25, 2008 | 07:33

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Haven't heard of WALL-E? It's the upcoming new Disney Pixar movie about a cute robot "with a lot of time on his hands". In homage to this, how about this quality case console mod that's about as true to digital life as you're going to get. With a working GameCube in its belly, this little puppy could double as the final design the movie robot was actually based on!

As the movie trailer states - 700 years is a long time to be on your own, WALL-E, and in that respect a heart of GameCube might actually be appropriate.

Check out the forum thread here which contains a few more larger pictures, as well as the details of the mod itself!

Addendum, 10:40am: We just got this email from Martin Blass, who made it. Here's the mini worklog he provided us with. Enjoy!

After seeing the first Trailers for Pixar’s upcoming Movie, Wall-E, we fell in love with the movie’s hero – the cute little robot.

So there was no discussion; we wanted to build one for ourselves and so we first thought a lot about how to make it and we came to the conclusion of using an old Nintendo Gamecube which is pretty much the perfect in shape for this project. We grabbed this little gaming console and started to mod it the Wall-E way!

First we bought a small builders toy for children with caterpillar tracks of the right dimensions, and then we dismantled it so that we could build a moving platform. The platform, in addition to a small sheet of plexiglass was used to mount the Gamecube itself onto the tracks.

Than we moved on to the Gamecube itself: first we put some layers of thin acrylic all over the console so that we didn´t have to cut the original GC case for the smaller details. Then we attached the hinges for the arms and the front plate, so that we later can mount everything else. The ports on the front side were covered with a small clap which is hold by 2 hinges.

The arms were built out of a solid rectangular block of plexiglass. We drilled a short hole where we then glued a small acrylic rod in and over the rod we placed another short piece of acrylic pipe. For the hands we took another piece of pipe with a smaller rod in it and attached 3 pieces of plexiglass that too. Two of the pieces were attached to the rod and one (the one in the middle) is attached to the pipe: in that way Wall-E can open and close his hands!

The Neck (or Eyeholder) was built out of some metal which was bended to the correct shape. After bending it, we screwed it to the backside of the Gamecube (on to the hand grip) and then we made a small spacer out of some wood, which we drilled and filed to the right shape so that we could mount the spacer on the neck for the eyes to sit on.

The eyes were built out of several acrylic layers which were glued together. Around these layers we then bent a piece of PVC surround. As Iris for the eyes we used two half balls which were painted from the inside to keep the glossy look on the outside.

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