TransTFT monitor mod

Written by Geoff Richards

February 13, 2006 | 16:25

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With all modding, there is the inherent risk that you might break whatever you're working on. You only have to spend a few minutes browsing our Disaster Mod forum to witness all manner of human hardship: expensive Coolermaster cases the victim of wayward jigsawing; even more expensive GeForce 7800 GTX graphics cards damaged beyond repair.

Right up there for bravery is The LCD Monitor Mod. Maybe it's a hang-up from the days when LCD monitors were seriously luxury items, but the thought of cracking open a flat panel display for the purpose of modding still gives us the willies somewhat.

None of this phased Antti Hakala from Metku Mods. He recently bought an old 15-inch LCD monitor to give him additional real estate for his laptop. "This monitor just happened to be too ugly to be tolerated for long," he says in his worklog. Proving a limit does exist, he admits he "never had the guts" to mod his laptop, but this LCD was cheap enough to have a go.

The project involved stripping the panel back to its bare components, replacing the bezel with plexi highlighted with red LEDs and building a new free-standing monitor stand. The end result is stunning. All this for just 100 euros, which includes all materials and the cost of the donor monitor, a Samtron 51S.

Of course, this isn't the first monitor mod we have seen. Possibly the best, in our view, is still Gert Swolfs' Hyperscreen, the 12-inch touchscreen LCD from the achingly gorgeous Hypercube² project that recently celebrated its first birthday. Which you prefer is a matter of personal taste - both would be welcome additions to any desktop, anywhere.

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