The green fan stays!

Written by Wil Harris

May 1, 2005 | 01:38

Companies: #mod

We've been following Project SR-71 pretty closely.

The mod is based on an Akasa Eclipse 62, and has a fantastic custom radiator mount on top. The chassis itself is pretty sweet and is still pretty rare, although we are starting to see more of them turning up across the modding web.

Top modder Zr-Ox has put together an awesome red and black colour scheme, and some great custom mesh work that really ties the whole thing together.

However, for all the modding work done, the PSU is going to stay untouched - bright green.

Comments range from "it looks like a disco lightshow" to "looks quite funky". Whatever you think, Zr-Ox isn't about to change his mind, but we think that multi-colour cases could be the way forward for 2005.

Jeez, haven't you guys seen the Summer Ralph Lauren collection?
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