Shuttle XPC LCD mod

Written by Geoff Richards

May 13, 2005 | 10:27

Tags: #bezel #casemod #lcd #vfd #xpc

Companies: #mod #shuttle

Following Shuttle's Shuttle's announcement this week of a Media Center-ready barebones XPC, Naser at decided he could go one better an mod a standard XPC with a 5-inch LCD screen.

No doubt taking inspiration from bit-techer Brian Walker and his PSOne LCD in a PC mod from last year, or perhaps even some of the cases seen at this year's Cebit show, Naser took a stock SB86i and dremelled a suitable hole in the bezel to mount the In-Car LCD monitor, using its composite video connection to pipe a signal from his VIVO graphics card.

"Certainly we cannot expect to use it as our main desktop screen, but using dual view and Powerstrip, we were able to set a low and comfortable resolution on the LCD screen." he says in his brief Project Log.

"We then used Konfabulator to put widgets like time, temperature etc. on it. Other cool uses would be to display news headlines through an RSS feed or show info of a movie like its actors, director, DVD cover etc. while watching the movie on your main screen."

Bezel-mounted LCD screens are becoming increasingly popular, and while manufacturers are keen to keep costs low by using VFD displays like the Matrix Orbital displays we've been fitting to machines for years, I have a feeling that we will see an increasing number of LCD-based models at Computex next month.
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