Simple, yet very effective lighting mod

Written by Wil Harris

May 3, 2005 | 01:23

Tags: #lanboy #lighting

Companies: #antec #mod

We consider it our solemn duty to bring to the attention of the world the little treasures that are littered around our Project Logs forum.

All too often, these go unnoticed because of the attention some of our big name mods generate. Well, our new News format finally gives us somewhere to highlight some of these little beauties!

First in line is this excellent mod by Defyant. The mod is for his 8 year old son Zak, and it's based around an Antec Super LanBoy case.

Now we're not outrageously big fans of the LanBoy, but Defyant has done a bang-up job.

As well as a pretty tight watercooling setup, including a custom reservoir, he's included some incredible lighting effects that appear to light up the tubing itself.

There's a chrome motherboard housing, a la Orac3, and some great work on the front panel.

The log is here, whilst the money shots of the lighting goodness are on page 4.
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