Fantastic Shuttle XPC Mods

January 31, 2007 | 14:28

Tags: #custom #tank #xpc

Companies: #mod #shuttle

German site, is displaying a pair of absolutely fantastic modded Shuttle XPCs. It not only do they look great, they also appear to be engineered with practicality in mind too.

The whole top lifts forward to reveal the XPC chassis underneath. Along with the custom case, the optical drive is now found underneath and internally, everything that could be has been coated black.

There is also the obligatory custom lighting, but is wonderfully executed and subtle to suit the design. Finally, not only is he good with metal and paint, but the modder also made custom fabric cases to keep them in too!

Included is a full work log to tell you how they were made, in case you want to have a pop at something similar or just want to understand what went into such a mammoth project.

Don't stress that you don't need to speak German, because the pictures do all the talking.

You can also head over to our own Project Logs forum which contains hundreds of similar work logs for various modding projects the talented bit community has undertaken. For this one though, you'll have to pop into the news forum to discuss it.
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